Book Descriptions That Sell: Learn Killer Strategies for Writing Book Descriptions to Make Bestselling Books!

Book Descriptions That Sell: Learn Killer Strategies for Writing Book Descriptions to Make Bestselling Books!
Publisher: PublishingPoints Author Services
Publication Year: 2016
Length: 84 pages
About the Book

Do You Know the 12 Proven Steps To Write Book Descriptions to Make Your Book Sell?
Nonfiction authors often neglect being creative when writing book descriptions.
They imagine that the great content inside the book will make it a success. What a joke!

Writing book descriptions is a form of copy writing — it’s advertising! You are not just telling what is inside the covers. You are telling the potential reader why they should buy the book. You are telling them in a way that appeals to both their reason and emotions. It is literally an art form of its own, but you can learn to do far better than most of the descriptions on the Net.

In this 12-step book, you’ll learn everything you need to write compelling, interesting, and persuasive book descriptions.

As a result:

  • You’ll have more initial sales of your books than you would have had without it. 
  • You will have fewer bad reviews because your readers will know in advance what they are getting.
  • You will understand your competition and write better descriptions than they have.
  • You will attract more readers to your book page through the words included in the description.
  • You will learn how to close the sale through an effective call to action.

Look at the book descriptions on Amazon! Most of them are poorly organized and unattractive. Most don’t answer the reader’s most important question, “What’s in it for me?” This book is your first step in mastering the fine art of book descriptions that sell.

This book will pay for itself by helping you with your book promotion and sales. It will also help you to write those short blurbs that most promotion sites want. It will help you know what to say on the back of your printed books. What can I say? You NEED this book!

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