How to Fight Depression and Feel Good for Good

How to Fight Depression and Feel Good for Good
Genre: Emotional Health
Publisher: Upper Gate Publishing
Publication Year: 2015
Length: 57
A Self-Help Workbook for Overcoming Depression. Are you Depressed? End the Destructive Cycle! This just in. You do not have to wallow in depression. You can feel good again. You can be happy, and this book will show you how.
About the Book

Do you feel sad–all the time?
Do you have pervasive feelings of hopelessness and worthlessness?
Do you stumble through life, like someone in the dark–groping but never able to cling to anything stable?
Do you go through life just surviving and not really living?

Depression is like a never-ending vortex, like draining water going down, down, and down. The symptoms cycle and spin without end, and the depression perpetuates itself, going on for days, weeks, months, or even years.

But you can break the cycle. This Book Changes Everything!

Here it is, the single, most important benefit of this book: feel good in every part of your person. With this self-help workbook, you will feel better not in just one aspect of your being, but in the whole person–body, mind, and spirit. You will feel happy, glad, good, swell (whatever adjective you want to use). It’s a great feeling to feel good. And that feeling can be yours. Really!

This self-help book doesn’t overwhelm you with a myriad of techniques. It is not over 600 pages long, as is the cases with some books on depression. Nor is it filled with technical jargon and clinical studies. No, this material makes it easy for you to help yourself.

So don’t waste any time. Scroll above, download the workbook, delve right in and you’ll be on your way to feeling good for good.

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