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That’s right!  You can promote your books without paying any fee.  Want to promote it on a certain day – like Launch Day?  No problem, just mention it in the comments.

I cannot guarantee that every book will be selected, but I will seek to promote the best deals that are submitted.  You can help by promoting the site to your friends and your own mailing lists.  As all authors share this site and its newsletter, it will have a multiplying impact over time.


Most books that are published on the website will also be promoted via our newsletter, through Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest.  

1.  No fiction.  This is an exclusively nonfiction site.  It can be self-help, how-to, health and fitness, finances, history or biography, relationships, children’s topics, religion & spirituality, or others.  

2. FREE books will be promoted on a very selective basis.  Why?  Amazon is beginning to frown on sites that only direct traffic to free books.  We want to be on their good side.  🙂

3.  We are definitely looking for quality books with professional looking covers and great reviews.

4.  For right now at least, your book must be carried on Amazon.  The links will always direct buyers there to do their purchase.  Later, I will be adding Smashwords, Lulu, B&N, iBooks, etc.   

You can also submit a link to your book’s image for download if you want me to use one that doesn’t appear on Amazon.  The comments box is expandable, but entries should be short.

If you have questions, you can submit them on this form as well, or contact me via 

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